Gordon Has History Of Legislative Flip-Flops


Lest we forget that acts of despicability still exist, along comes our congressman and relieves our fears. Some two thousand years ago one of the most trusted twelve people who were selected as disciples for Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot, sold that trust for "thirty pieces of silver."

Since then most of us Christians has held disdain for this act. For the non Christians, we can move forward about 1779 years and find a man that was American born, educated at the military West Point, elevated to General in the American Army (even Commandant) who sold his loyalty to the British for 6,000 pounds sterling in lump sum then 360 pounds annually (approximately $10,000 and $500 respectively). We American Patriots have loathed Benedict Arnold's actions for some 230 years.

Then along comes Bart and represented (?) us for thirteen terms and spread some history.

Let's start in early 1993 when Congress was working on a bill referred to as NAFTA and Bart Gordon vowed to vote against it because it was bad for the American worker, American commerce and everything else he thought us peasants would believe.

Along about the first of November of 1993 Vice President Gore took him out behind the woodshed for a conversation lasting less than thirty minutes and afterwards there was nothing but good, according to Bart about NAFTA and he may have implied that it removed warts, cured in-grown toenails and improved your rhubarb patch. On November 17, Bart Gordon voted for NAFTA and made it crystal clear who owned or could buy his vote.

Fast forward to 2009 our Congressman followed the wishes of the majority of his constituents and voted against the Healthcare Reform bill because it was too expensive, ect. In early March the Congressman started putting the "writing on the wall."

The President had made changes to the lower the cost, etc.. and by the way the Federal Government is "going to give us 99 million dollars" so our hospitals can serve the poor. Uh, oh! On March 21st Bart Gordon voted for Healthcare regardless of the fact that six to eight out of every ten of his constituents were against it.

Of course, one can rationalize that Bart was just doing what many others in the Senate/House of Representatives did, which is true. Then on the other hand, it could be said that the leadership in D.C. used tax dollars to buy our elected leaders to vote against the wishes of the majority of the people.

At the very best this reform bill should make us very concerned. Supposedly (it will take years to know all) the bill does not establish a "death panel," or anything worse. It has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that several of our elected leaders can be bought.

In addition to Bart Gordon (99 million and rumored promise as Director of NASA, ambassadorship to Tim-Buck-Two, etc) Senator Ben Nelson, Nebraska (300 million), Bart Stupak-Michigan (one million) Idaho Rep (appointment of brother to federal judge), Ohio rep ( A ride on Air Force One), Connecticut Rep ( ), Vermont Rep ( ) etc . A very few are very cheap!

Who is to say that sometime in the future someone in the "self anointed" sainted leadership of D.C. may decide to establish this "death panel" or may to cut cost, or eliminate opposition legislate to euthanize a large segment of the population to accomplish their goals. That political leader (?) now knows that he as our taxpayer dollars to use to purchase many of the lawmakers that we the people send to D.C. The aforementioned sellouts are all Democrats, however, I'm not naive enough to believe that there are not Republicans that would not do the same or that I've got all the guilty for sale.

Our man that that takes oor tax dollars for his salary, pay his staff with our dollars, pays his telephone bills with our money, switched his phone 896-1986 to voice mail which immediately informed us it was full. I tried several times a day for more than a week. For full disclosure, I just tried the number as I was finishing this letter and a person answered the phone. They were quick to explain that it was a busy period and every time they emptied the machine it immediately filled up . Is a full answering machine the answer for a man who has a political slogan of "Being in touch by keeping in touch."

Now a peasant like me might think to solve the overload by thinking that the telephone company has got plenty of phones to lease; the unemployment rate in my district is ten plus percent, I can hire more staff, I have plenty of taxpayer dollars at my disposable (if there is not plenty, then it can be borrowed from China) to be able to hear my constituents. If I did all of that I could brag to the supreme leader that created X number of jobs for less than a billion.

The Congressman stated that his reason for not running for re-election is because his wife issued an ultimatum that 26 years was enough. I really believe that he knows that not only I, but an overwhelming majority of the congressional district residents would vote for a one-eyed monkey against him. Thinking positive, the monkey can be bought out for just a few bananas. Nuff said.

Kenneth Garrett
Smithville, TN 37166