Gannon Reaches Deal To Bring Jobs To Cannon County

In reaching a deal Thursday night with THC/Select to move its manufacturing operations from Cheatham County to Cannon County, County Executive Mike Gannon accomplished two objectives.

One is bringing much-needed jobs to the county. THC/Select will hire around 11 local workers when it moves here in early September.

The second is generating money for the county from leasing the building in the county industrial park that formerly was the home of Cumberland Mold.

That benefit, $5,500 per month, will not be realized for one year however, as part of the enticement offered by the county to move here includes free rent for 12 months.

All that stands in the way of the company relocating part of its operations to Cannon County is working out the contractual arrangement.

"We have been talking to Mr. (Corbett) Gibson and his father for some time trying to get the company to relocate," Gannon said at a meeting of the county's Industrial Development Board Thursday night at the Cannon County Courthouse. "I appreciate their having an interest in Cannon County. We all agree we have a good workforce here."

The IDB has oversight over the industrial park and must sign off on any agreement to rent the building, which it did pending finalization of a contract Thursday.

THC/Select will be making a sizable investment in relocating in that the move from their current location in Waverly will cost the company about $140,000.

The company will also have the option to buy the building at a "fair market price" after five years, Gannon said.

Gibson said about four current employees would relocate here when the move is made, and told The Cannon Courier that members of his family, which are co-owners of the company, like what they have seen of the Cannon County community.

Both Gibson and Gannon said there is also a possibility the company could relocate its current operations in Sarasota, Florida here if the circumstances develop, which would bring an additional 15-20 jobs.

Gibson said the pay scale for workers will be $8-$10 at the low end and $20-$22 at the high.

The company manufactures plates, bowls, lids, trays and a number of other items for customers, most of whom are hospitals, Gibson said.

"One of the deciding factors (in choosing Cannon County) was your willingness to work with us," Gibson told Gannon and the IDB board.

"Thank you for looking at us and choosing us," IDB chairman Jackie Francis said. "Everybody knows the plan. The lawyers will work up the agreement and put it on paper."

Gannon said one of the assets he was able to offer THC/Select to convince them to move here is the work ethic of the local labor force.

"Workers here are more dedicated than a lot of places," Gannon said.