Funds sought for library equipment

Construction work on the addition/remodeling of Adams Memorial Library is virtually completed, according to Terry Preston of Preston Construction Co., the contractor for the job. “Weather permitting, the job should be finished in the next two or three weeks,” he said.

In the meanwhile, the moving in process is on schedule. Each section is being opened for public use as it is made ready. The Sol and Marly Berger-sponsored Tech Lab is now open. The 24 computers with internet connectivity are being used daily The Cannon County Historical Society-sponsored Genealogy Room is operational. Volunteer genealogist Peggy Tate is on hand two days each week to assist those doing family background research.

 The shelving for the thousands of books has been installed. At press time volunteers are busily shelving the books and other reading material. All other areas of the enlarged library are in various stages of preparation. There is more outside work to be done on the Jennings Community Room located in the lower level of the building. Weather will control when that room will become available for meetings and other public activities.

Furnishings such as tables, chairs, reading lamps, and much more are being received almost daily. The public is being urged to continue making donations to the building fund so that every item being installed will be paid for before the grand opening which will probably take place late in February.

Gifts of all sizes may be sent to Herb Alsup, treasurer, Adams Library Building Fund, 63 Maple Drive, Woodbury,TN 37190.

Contributors may name a piece of the furnishings such as a table or chair in honor or in memory of a loved one by funding its cost. For instance, a large round table for the children’s section costs $400; a plain chair is $75 and there are many pieces in between. For details one is urged to see Austin Jennings, President of the Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Adams Library Association of Rita Allen, library director. All donations re tax deductible.