Fist Of Stone Damages Dad’s Eye

A man is facing a charge of Domestic Assault following a dispute with his father over a water bill.

Justin Stone, 97 Stone Lane, Woodbury, is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 7 after being released on $1,500 bond.

Deputy Brandon Gullett of the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to157 Stone Rd. on July 10 on a report of a domestic incident which had already taken place.

Deputy Gullett went to 157 Stone Lane to speak with the purported victim, Glenn Stone, while Deputy Seth Perry stopped at 97 Stone Lane to speak with Justin Stone.

Deputy Gullett observed that Glenn had a large red mark around his right eye. Glenn said he had advised his son to pay a water bill of $55 that was owed and was in his (Glenn’s) name.

Glenn said his son told him to (bleep) himself and that he wasn’t paying the bill. Glenn said he then went to the residence and cut the water off.

Justin in turn went to his father’s residence and started a fight and caused Glenn to suffer an injury to his right eye.

Justin was taken into custody and transported to the Cannon County Jail. A photo was taken of Glenn’s eye and placed into evidence.