First responders honored


The Town of Woodbury honored their outstanding First Responders for
2016, at the Mayor and Alderman Meeting held on Thursday June 7,
2016. The American Legion Post 279 Outstanding Law Enforcement
Officer for 2016 is John House.

"John House has been employed with the Woodbury Police Department
since February 21, 1997. He served with the Tennessee Department of
Corrections Institute at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution and
Deberry Correctional Institute prior to coming to Woodbury Police
Department. He is the Field Training Officer and is over the
Training Records, as well as being the Firearms Instructor for the
Woodbury Police Department. He leads the Department in DUI arrests in the
past year. He has also been active in the community. When he received
word that a resident did not have food, he and two other
officers went and bought food and delivered the food to that
resident. John House does an outstanding job for the Town of
Woodbury. We are proud to have him on our Team. John is married to Rena
(Peeler) House and they have four children."

The American Legion Post 279 Outstanding Firefighter for the Town
of Woodbury for 2016 is Timothy Chase Stewart.
"Timothy Chase Stewart started his firefighting career with the
Woodbury Fire Department in September 2013 at the age of 18. He
has grown and prospered over the years since and has become an
integral part of the Town of Woodbury Fire Department and the
Community. The past year Chase has really grown and become an
outstanding firefighter. He has participated in more training, has
responded to many more calls and continues to further his knowledge and
skills. He continues to become a betterment to the safety of
the community and the fire department. Firefighter Chase
Stewart has been an integral team member and leader in the
firefighting operations in several residential structure fires. He has
bravely and collectively saved property and valuables for
several citizens of the community. He continues to learn and train in his
off time from his primary job and selfishly excels in areas being taught.
His demeanor is an example of what young
firefighters should strive to attain. He is a model employee and
has a caring personality. Timothy Chase Stewart is not only our
choice for the American Legion Firefighter of the Year Award, he
has earned it and deserves it."

Presenting the Awards for the Hilton Stone American Legion Post 279
was Adjutant Brent Bush reading the Citations; Legionnaire Christine
Barrett reading the Certificates of Meritorious Service; and Charlie
Harrell (filling in for Commander David Faulkner) presenting trophies
to the awardees. The Bible tells us to pay tribute, where tribute
is due. We should all honor and pay tribute to those individuals who
go above and beyond the call to duty. Congratulations! To Policeman
John House and Firefighter Timothy Chase Stewart for a truly
outstanding job.