Explore The Benefits Of Dance: Classes Start August 23

Explore The Benefits Of Dance: Classes Start August 23
The significance of dance and the disciplined environment it offers cannot be underestimated in a child's development.

Dance is a powerful, non linguistic form of communication that communicates in ways that words cannot

As some former Cannon Arts Dance students have noted," Dance is important because it helps you communicate and use your mind in a different way.... You need dance to help with your creativity. People need to express their feelings. It also allows kids to not only nurture their brains, but their physical talents, too. Without it, kids cannot express their creativity physically.”

In addition dance is another form of literacy, teaching students to sequence and count. It builds confidence and self esteem as well as an appreciation for the arts. But the biggest reason to take dance is for pure enjoyment.

So don't miss out on the fun this season. We offer ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, cheer, ballroom, clogging, contemporary, and creative movement. Classes are forming now for ages 3 to adult.

Call Cannon Arts Dance @ 563-9122 or email cannonarts@hughes.net for our exciting new programs.