Evidence Burned Safely At WPD

Evidence Burned Safely At WPD

Woodbury Police Chief Tony Burnett, standing left, and Sgt. Lowell Womack, watch as Terry White, kneeling left, and Brian Eckelson of EnviroSafe prepare evidence for destruction Monday.
Bags of evidence and miscellaneous contraband were destroyed Monday morning outside the Woodbury Police Dept.

The burning was done by EnviroSafe, a mobile incineration service headquartered in Crossville.

Woodbury Police Chief Tony Burnett said that due to EPA regulations, burning of evidence, including drugs, is no longer a process as simple as digging a hole, filling it with material, and lighting it on fire.

Brian Eckelson of EnviroSafe, who is also a Crossville police officer, said the service is a way for a law enforcement agency to get rid of evidence that doesn't release any toxic material into the atmosphere.

EnviroSafe professionals are POST certified law enforcement officers with years of experience in the safe handling and destruction of illicit drugs, legend drugs, drug paraphernalia, old case files and employee records.

Among the items destroyed Monday were pills, rolling papers and pot pipes.