Election 2010: Reviewing The Results

What message does the results of the election send to politicians at  the state and national levels?  What would Democrats and Republicans like to see state and national government do in terms of the legislative agenda and priorities for the next two years?

The Cannon Courier posed those questions to local representatives of the two major political parties. Their responses follow:

SUE PATRICK, Cannon County Democratic Party

The  American people are sending a message to the state and Washington D.C. They want something done.  Two years ago if you had an R by your name the public voted you out.   This election if you had a D by your name they wanted you out.  They had counted on Obama to work these problems out and he simply has not had enough time. They want immediate action.  The public wants Democrats and Republicans to work together to solve the jobs and the economic problems.

I believe the people  are tired of hearing rhetoric and labels on everyone such as left or right or liberal or conservative. They want those in the office to remember who put them there  and why and to represent the people who put them there.

We are tired of hearing  the news media opinions and want them to report facts  and be objective.   Let's quit being so critical and finding fault.The ball is now in the Republican court and now everyone will see
what they can do. Let's all work together.

An example of this is the recent defeat of Representative Stratton Bone who has done nothing but represent Cannon County well while seeing that we got our share of available grant money for many projects. He has been in our county every week.  I believe he was defeated simply because he had the D by his name. It could not have been because he wasn't listening to the people and performing his job.

Democrats want to see the needs of the average man addressed  not just the needs of the higher income and companies with the most influence and most lobbyist.  If you don't like ObamaCare,  come up with a plan that helps someone other than the big insurance and pharmaceutical companies.  Jobs should  be the number one priority.  Bring jobs back to America  and pass legislation where it is not profitable to manufacture these products overseas.Help the middle class before they become extinct.

Abraham Lincoln stated in 1858  "A house divided against itself cannot stand." If our nation is to survive and it is the greatest nation in the world, we need to work together for the good of the American people and honor our God.

COREY DAVENPORT, Cannon County Republican Party

The overwhelming response by the people across this state and America speaks volumes to their belief that our state and country were headed in the wrong direction. We believe the American people decided that the current administration controlled by the Democrats in Congress was determined to grow the government bigger and spend money that we just did not have. All of the exit polls showed one of the most decisive reasons people voted Republican and Tea Party over Democrat was due to the Health Care Law. It was evident the voters wanted a change and were very displeased with the current state of affairs.

On a local level it was clear that even though Stratton Bone is very well liked by the people of Cannon County, the majority of the people felt it was time that the era of the "career politician" was over. We look forward to the continuing support of Mae Beavers and her desire to see Woodbury prosper and we are very excited to have a man of high integrity like Mark Pody representing Cannon County.

Mark has made it very clear that his primary goal in mind for our community is the creation of jobs to help boost our economy. Mark has also made it clear he will introduce a bill to require term limits to prevent "career politicians" from setting up camp in our capitol. He welcomes everyone, no matter what your politics may be, to come talk to him and get to know that he has the best interests of Woodbury at heart.

On a national level we expect the newly elected Republican members of Congress to work toward the common good of America. We expect several items to be focused on in the upcoming years to include the repeal of the Health Care Law, curb spending that has been out of control for the last two years under President Obama, enact immigration laws that truly work and to work toward less government in the lives of the American people.

On a local level we expect the state government to curb unnecessary spending, continue to fight against a state income tax and work toward the creation of new jobs and industry in our state and local communities.

Finally, we are proud of our candidates and were very proud to see Cannon County vote Republican in every single race presented before them. We look forward to a future represented by officials who believe that we the citizens have the power and not the government.