East Side Announces Honor Students

East Side School would like to announce the following honor students (Principal’s List – All A’s), Honor Roll (A’s and B’s) and students with perfect attendance for the fourth grading period ending May 27:

Mrs. Gannon’s Kindergarten – Perfect Attendance: Tyler Campbell, Katie Davis, Montana Davis, Alden Purdy, Emma Young.

Mrs. Gannon’s First Grade – Principal’s List: Cathan Cecil, Katlyn Prater.  Honor Roll: Micah Prater, Lane Nichols, Dallas Roller, Dalton Young, Johnnie Pirtle, Braxten Alexander.  Perfect Attendance:  Braxten  Alexander.

Mrs. Karen Cook’s Second Grade – Principal’s List: Eli Cantrell. Honor Roll:  Stella Brown, Hannah Naylor, MaKailey Gould, Nathan Stapleton. Perfect  Attendance: Ben Ray, Sloane Underhill, Hunter Davis, Stella Brown, Dylan Ellard, Nathan Stapleton.

Mrs. Connie Phillips’ Third Grade – Principal’s List: Clay Fagan, Culyer Isenhart, Teegan Jones, Lacon Parton, Mattison Prater, Zarina Rodriguez, Jasmine Young. Honor Roll: Jacob Brock, Lucas Clark, Brianna Lokey, Zarina Rodriguez, Brent Scott, Leslie Moody, Brent Scott, Hannah Tidwell. Perfect Attendance: Clay Fagan, Culyer Isenhart, Lacon Parton,  Mattison Prater, Brent Scott, Jasmine Young.

Mrs. Greta Reed’s Fourth Grade – Principal’s List: Lauren Underwood. Honor Roll: Kayleigh Davis, Michaela Ray, Jory Isenhart, Bryson Prater, Landon Parton, Erin Scott, Kayla Moody, Trevette Stapleton. Perfect Attendance:  Jory Isenhart, Marcus Gannon, Bryson Prater.

Mrs. Wimberley’s Fifth Grade – Principal’s List: Caitlin Bowman, Lindsey Bowman, Kelby Cantrell, Sebastian Crane, Seth Foster, Victoria Jones, Molly Manus. Honor Roll:  Gavin Duke, Corey Seymour. Perfect Attendance:  Caitlin Bowman, Lindsey Bowman, Corey  Seymour.

Mrs. Gay Burger’s Sixth Grade – Honor Roll: Leeann Scott. Honor Roll: C. K. Burnam, Jonathan Locklear. Perfect Attendance: Tommy Davis, Jonathan Locklear, Katelyn Milligan, Leeann Scott.

Mrs. Amy Underwood’s Seventh Grade – Principal’s List: Katie Hoskins, Brittany Klen. Honor Roll: Haylee Mooneyham, Kelli Davis, James Ray, Kelsey Wilson. Perfect Attendance: Katie Hoskins, Brittany Klen, James Ray.

Mrs. Jackie Burger’s Eighth Grade – Principal’s List:  Jake Hoskins, Case Isenhart.  Honor Roll: Buddy Ray, Allan Robinson. Perfect Attendance: Jake Hoskins, Case Isenhart, Courtney Jackson, Allan Robinson.