DUI suspect gets busted at jail


Sgt. Tommy Miller made an unusual DUI arrest recently right in the parking lot of the Cannon County Jail.

Sgt. Miller was standing in the parking lot when he noticed a red Dodge Dakota pull in. The driver was soon charged with his eighth DUI.

"I then observed a male get out of the driver seat and walk into the lobby of the sheriff's department," Miller said.
The sergeant was then called into the lobby for an individual who wanted to speak to an officer.

"The driver of the truck later identified as Mark Roberts stated that he was there wanting to pick up his gun that was seized by the Sheriff's Department where he was arrested on a domestic. I then could smell a strong odor of an intoxicant coming from Mark Roberts," Miller said.

A second officer, Deputy Paul Reed, confirmed the smell. A field sobriety test was then administered in the lobby of the Sheriff's Department.

Roberts was then taken into custody. A check of his license revealed nine prior driving on a revoked license charges and seven prior DUIs.