Disorderly Teen Charged Again

Four days after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, a local teen was slapped with the same charge on Oct. 8.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve McMillen responded to 306 Crimson Tide Lane on that date after a caller to 911 stated she needed an officer.

When Deputy McMillen and Sheriff Darrell Young arrived at the address they were met by Jennifer Deese, the mother of Gregory Elliott, in the front yard.

Deese stated that Elliott was about to run out the back door with a gun. Then, at that time, Elliott came out the front door. He was being extremely loud and would not listen to any commands given by officers.

Elliott was told numerous times to calm down but refused. He was then placed in handcuffs by Sheriff Young and advised he was under arrest for disorderly conduct.

As Deputy McMillen spoke with Elliott, he could smell an odor about him consistent with alcohol. The deputy asked Elliott if he had been drinking and Elliott said he had four beers and stated he was 18 years old.

After placing Elliott in his patrol unit, Deputy McMillen spoke with Deese. She said her son was going to leave with Bubba Nichols and the he was going to take a .22 rifle with him. She also stated they started arguing because she didn’t want him to leave with the gun.

Deese said as they were arguing she was holding the gun between her legs, with the end of the barrel pointing upward. Deese said at that point Elliott put the end of the barrel under his chin and told her to go ahead and shoot him.

Deese later refused to give a written statement.

Elliott was transported to the county jail and served warrants for disorderly conduct and underage consumption of alcohol. Total bond was set at $3,000. Initial court date is Nov. 1.

He was placed on probation for 25 days following his Oct. 4 conviction for disorderly conduct after serving five days in jail. That arrest came as the result of a Sept. 29 incident at his home.

Elliott is also facing charges of assault in a separate incident and is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 18 on that charge.