Detectives Departing Sheriff's Department

KEVIN HALPERN, Courier Co-Editor

The past has proven to be more attractive than the present for two employees of the Cannon County Sheriff's Department.

The department's only detectives, James Davis and James Goney, are leaving their positions this month.

Sheriff Darrell Young said recently Davis and Goney have turned in their resignations.

Both will be returning to the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department.

Davis and Goney came to Cannon County from the RCSD in September of last year to join Sheriff Young when he took over as leader of the department following his election to the position in August.

Sheriff Young said their decision to leave is one of economics. The difference in money and benefits paid to law officers in Rutherford County compared to Cannon amounts to hundreds of dollars per month.

The pending departure of Davis and Goney comes on the heels of former deputy Steve McMillan leaving to work at the McMinnville Police Department in December for better pay and benefits.

While Sheriff Young said he has not decided as yet how he will go about filling the key positions, he did say he is looking at promoting from within the department.

The sheriff has already elevated one employee, Sgt. Anthony Young, to the position of investigator. He said he has also hired a retired state agent on a temporary basis until he can fill the other positions.

“They are leaving because of money and insurance,” Sheriff Young said. “This makes three people we have lost because we can’t match what departments in counties and cities around us are providing their officers.”

Goney’s last day on the job is Saturday, while Davis will work through Feb. 25.