Deputy finds couple horsing around on highway

According to an incident report, on Jan. 29 at around 3 a.m., Cannon County Sheriff's Deputy Spencer Haley was dispatched to a vehicle traveling down McMinnville Hwy. with a man trying to break the window.

"I was able to find this vehicle on McMinnville Hwy. It was pulled over to the side," Deputy Haley reported.

The vehicle was a 2000 Ford F250 with a horse trailer attached to it. There was also another vehicle pulled over behind it. The second vehicle was a 2007 Jeep, the report states.

"When I stepped out my vehicle, a women walked up to me and stated that her husband was trying to break into her vehicle and that he had ran into the woods," Deputy Haley reported.

"At this time, the door to the horse trailer opened up and a man stepped out and started walking toward me. The man stated that he had not walked into the woods."

Haley's report indicates he separated the parties and got both sides of the story.

"The female was a Heidi Davis. She stated that her husband, Bradley Davis, stole her horse and she made him take her to where he was keeping it. She stated that when they got there, she loaded the horse up and started to leave when he jumped into the back of the truck. She said she was driving down the highway when he broke the back window to the truck and climbed in. That's when she pulled over and called us.

"I then spoke with Mr. Davis. He stated that he had moved the horse to a friend's house because it was his. He said that she showed up and demanded he take her to it. He said when they loaded the horse up, she tried to leave him with no way to get back home so he jumped in the bed of the truck. He said he then tried to open the back window because he was cold and that's when it broke.

"I asked both parties if it had ever became physical between them and both stated that it hadn't. I informed them that because they are married and have joint ownership, this is a civil issue. I then gave Mr. Davis a ride to 155 Ritter Ridge. Mr. Davis informed me that he did not have a vehicle or a way to get in touch with anyone. He asked me to get in contact with his mother to let her know where he was. When I got service, I called Mr. Davis's mother and let her know. This did occur in Cannon County."