Democrats Destroying America, Local Republicans Claim

TONY STINNETT, Courier Co-Editor

Democrats Destroying America, Local Republicans Claim

State Sen. Mae Beavers, left, visits with Lindbergh Dennis during the Cannon County Republican Party meeting Tuesday.
On the eve of the start to early voting for the November General Election last week, area Republicans met to officially reorganize their party in an effort to strengthen their voice in an area generally regarded as vastly Democrat.

The Cannon County Republican Party came to life inside the Cannon County Senior Citizen Center when the group met, elected its respective officers and effectively began its mission ... seemingly one of good vs. evil.

“The major difference (between the Republican and Democratic parties) is the Democrats have proven without a shadow of a doubt that their party is in full rebellion against God almighty,” said Matt Studd, a Republican commissioner on the Cannon County Election Commission.

“They are thumbing their nose and pointing their fist and celebrating everything He calls an abomination,” Studd said. “It’s an elite group of people that live in rebellion to God and pass legislation that is in rebellion to God. The Republican Party, from my perspective, is the answer to that.”

Part of the mission facing the newly reorganized Cannon County Republican Party is repairing damage generated by Democratic leaders, Studd said.

“We are tired of seeing our Constitution ignored, our Christian heritage stomped on and we are going to get together as a group and try to repair the damage,” Studd said. “We have once again put Cannon County’s conservative voice back on the map.”

Sen. Mae Beavers, who is being opposed by George McDonald (D), and Mark Pody (R), who is challenging Stratton Bone (D) for the District 46 House of Representatives seat, attended the reorganization of the Cannon County Republican Party. Cannon County is included in their respective districts.

Beavers told the gathering of her political forum with McDonald in Lebanon Monday night.

“I am running against a millionaire farmer who got $932,000 in farm subsidies from 2005 to the present time while he served on the U.S.D.A. Board,” Beavers said. “We are not against farmers but in 2007, 82 percent of farmers did not get subsidies so that shows you how special he is if he is in the Top 10 percent of farmers that get so much money.”

Beavers, who supports strong immigrations laws, also said her opponent has no answers on immigration laws and indicated she named illegal immigrants “that I knew worked for him” during the forum.

The senator also weighed in on Obama Care.

“They are trying to force health care down our throat and you can be fined up to $750 if you don’t have it,” Beavers said. “It would be easier for us to spend the $750 and then if we have a problem we got to the insurance companies and they have to cover us immediately. There is no waiting period. You pay a little premium, they will give you treatment and you drop it. It’s a huge problem for national health care. It needs to be repealed.”

Pody wanted to make his desire to debate Bone known to area Republicans.

“We are supposed to have a forum in Lebanon (Oct. 25) but they have announced there may be a scheduling conflict,” Pody said. “I am available night, day, any time, any place. I have no problem with the forum, no problem with the questions, no problem with the moderator, so I hope the problem is not with my campaign or myself.”

Republicans on hand for the first meeting of the Cannon County Republican Party also weighed in on a political ad purchased by the Cannon County Democratic Party and run in the Oct. 12 edition of The Cannon Courier.

“This was in The Cannon Courier and it says, ‘Don’t let Republicans scare you about Obama Care,’” Pody said, clinging the paper in his hand and revealing the ad to those in attendance. “Unbelievable!!!! Don’t let Republicans scare you? The White House is scaring me. It is not Republicans. This won’t work and it is not even constitutional.

“When they make it where insurance agents are not making money selling health insurance then they are going to say they can’t afford to sell it and you are going to be forced to go one place to get it. They already know what they are doing.”

Even though national health care and the current state of the economy were hot topics amongst fellow Republicans, there were others that generated local interest to become a party member.

“Personally, Obama Care is a hot topic right now but from my standpoint it’s a moral issue,” said Corey Davenport, elected the Republican Party’s secretary. “I am a conservative and I can’t understand the reasoning behind abortion. Murder is OK if it’s called a choice but if is not a choice it is not OK. We have criminals behind bars for killing people yet we never talk about victim’s rights and we can turn around and kill an unborn child. That’s big for me. The economy is the major factor.”

Marcus Bowling, elected co-chair, said the differences between the parties is a long list.

“The Republican Party is getting back to its roots, smaller government, less intrusion, tax breaks, that’s where we are different from Democrats,” Bowling said. “We are becoming more dependant on the government. Nationwide there is mistrust with the government.”

One of many problems with the economy is the spending spree taking place by Democrats in Washington, according to Davenport.

“Spend, spend, spend and there are no consequences,” Davenport said. “They have no sense of control in terms of how to spend our money. They are forcing us to accept a health care the majority of Americans did not want. There is so many things to count. We need to repeal Obama Care, we need to curb the spending and become fiscally responsible.”

Studd says the Obama way is the wrong one for America.

“Obama wants to put everybody on the government (bill) and create a culture of couch potatoes that are not productive and seek the next handout,” Studd said. “Folks always seeking the next handout will never be in position to give a hand up to anyone.”

National health care already is a hot topic, particularly amongst Republicans, but it was an even greater issue within the Cannon County Republican camp during its initial meeting due to the timely ad purchased by the local Democrats.

“Obama Care absolutely should be repealed,” Studd said. “I believe it is unconstitutional to force citizens to buy any particular product and then be penalized if they do not. It is a form of coercion. It is a direction and a product that us unfunded and is not sustainable. There is fiscal insanity with suggesting such a health bill. Republicans should offer a program that allows for people to carry their insurance across state boundaries and provisions to cover folks with pre-existing conditions.”

The Cannon County Republican Party has been dormant as an organization during recent years but its members seemingly have maintained strong opinions. Now they believe a unified voice will allow them to bring those opinions to the forefront.