Davis Charged With Theft, Public Intoxication

A Woodbury woman is facing charges stemming from two separate incidents which allegedly took place on Nov. 19.

In the first case, Barry Bynum of McFerrin St. took out a warrant against Jessica N. Davis, alleging Davis committed the offense of Theft Over $500.

Bynum alleges Davis removed a wedding band ($600 value), DVD player ($18), 20 DVDs ($200) and a set of hair clippers ($20) from his home without his consent.

A neighbor reportedly witnessed Davis leaving Bynum's residence with a backpack and when he yelled for Davis, she took off running.

Davis told Bynum she would return the items if he would not file warrants on her, the complaint states.

In the other incident, Woodbury Patrolman Chris Brown charged Davis with Public Intoxication while at the Quick Shop Market. Ptl. Brown alleges that Davis appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating and/or controlled substance, to the degree that she endangered herself or other persons or property. Davis was also stopping people at the store asking them to buy her cigarettes, Ptl. Brown reported.

Initial court date for both charges is Dec. 21. She was released on her own recognizance.