CPC seeks building for Nissan project

Cumberland Plastics Corporation is seeking to purchase or rent a vacant county-owned building at 475 Bryant Lane for a Nissan North America project.

CPC already owns two buildings in Woodbury and pays property taxes on them.

"We estimate very conservatively that this project will create seven jobs in the short term and more in the long term," said CPC president Sekhar Reddy in a letter to Cannon County Executive Mike Gannon.

In a letter, Gannon urged the Industrial Development Board "to strongly consider Mr. Reddy's proposal, as I believe any Nissan presence in Cannon County would greatly benefit our citizens."

"In the future, that presence could possibly lead to other Nissan ventures," Gannon said.

The IDB is expected to discuss the offer at its Jan. 3 meeting at 6 p.m. in the Cannon County Courthouse.