Courier wins first place at Tennessee Press

NASHVILLE - The Cannon Courier won a first place in best news reporting at the 2013 UT-Tennessee Press Association State Press Contest.

The Courier won a total of four awards in the TPA's newspaper competition.

In addition to the best news reporting award, the Courier won second place for headline writing and third place honors for best website and best news photo in the weekly newspaper category.

"Our awards seem to be all around our news coverage," said William R. "Ron" Fryar, Courier owner/publisher. "I think a third place for our website is great. People are noticing the changes we've made."

Tony Stinnett, Courier sports editor, was on hand for the award ceremony at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville.

It was the second year The Cannon Courier has participated in the TPA award contest.

In 2012, the Courier won first place honors in headline writing and best feature photo, a second place in best news photo and a third place in sports writing.

"It's always a thrill to win a first place award, but the TPA awards also have a way of pointing out areas you need to concentrate on during the next year. Our best years are ahead of us," said Mike West, Courier editor.