Cool Science For Curious Kids

Cool Science For Curious Kids
East Side’s students and parents enjoyed a special after-school activity on Monday, March 8. Many students’ science experiments and projects were on display; parents and grandparents stopped by to visit and view the creative projects.

However, the highlight of the afternoon was a fabulous presentation from Janine and Chris from Murfreesboro’s Discovery Center. Janine inspired East Side’s budding scientists by suggesting how their future careers would most likely be science-related. Science is in our world everyday!

Exciting careers in textiles, food, medicine, animals, agriculture, and more are all related to science.

Students interested in zoology were awed by all the animals that Janine and Chris brought for a “show and tell” session.

Next, students and parents had the opportunity to visit the animal stations, touch them, and ask questions. Some of the animals included a hedgehog, a ball python, corn snake, chinchilla, rabbit, ferret, lovebird, bearded dragon, box turtle, and a Tennessee salamander.

To wrap up the afternoon, refreshments were served. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the fun-filled and educational event! A special thank you goes to Janine and Chris from the Discovery Center.

Also thank you to the Nissan Corporation who helped East Side make this experience possible. Finally, thanks to East Side’s teachers who stayed after school to help out; your dedication is appreciated!