Cannon County Property Transfers For July 2010

Information for this report was obtained by the Cannon Courier by searching public records at the Cannon County Register of Deeds Office. All information recorded by the Register of Deeds Office is by law public record and is available to any citizen or media representative upon request.

Jeremy R. Gunter et ux TO Wesley R. Patterson et ux, House & Lot #17, Lee Acres, Sec. II, 6th district, $119,400

Michael L. Kemp et ux TO Medford Foster et ux, House & lot on Adam St., 6th district, $78,750

Sarah Alexander TO Joseph Romines et ux, House & 3.48 acres more or less on Simpson Rd., 13th district, $136,500

Charles W. McCalla et ux TO Bradley Lynn Harris et ux, House & Lot #10 of Auburn Hills Subdivision, 6th district, $157,632

Anita Melton Arnold et vir TO Gerry B. Nokes et ux, 88 acres more or less on Blanton School Rd., 9th district, $273,800

Robert Todd TO Ryan E. Reed et ux, House & Lot #15, Beaver Dam Estates, Sec. II, 6th district, $110,000

Shellie Wallace, Successor Trustee TO The Bank of New York, Mellon, Trust Co., N.A., 10 acres more on Milligan Lane, 10th district, $58,614.39

Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP, Substitute Trustee TO JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., House & tract on Dug Hollow Rd., 12th district, $193,060.06

Gary Dyer et ux TO Lesley Hibdon, House & ? acre on Judge Purser Hill Rd., 9th district, $65,000

Creekside Ventures, LLC TO Monarch Homes, LLC, Lot #4, Creekside Subdivision, Sec. I, 4th district, $50,000

Danny M. Brown et ux TO Roy Marcus Grandstaff et ux, House & Lot #14, Chase Estates Subdivision, 6th district, $215,000

Dek Sissom TO Hollow Springs Community Church, 0.25 acre more or less on Hollow Springs Road, 13th district, $30,500

William D. Carter et ux TO Hugh W. Clark, 37.421 acres more or less on Sycamore Creek Road, 10th district, $38,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. TO Cory Shane Hollandsworth et al, House & Lot #38 and a portion of Lot #39 on Mason Subdivision, 6th district, $40,000

April Hines et vir TO Thomas E. Shirley & Joan Banks Shirley, House & 1.3 acres on Jim Cummings Hwy., 5th district, $79,500

Citibank, N.A. Trustee TO Dustin Taylor et al, House & lot on West Adams St., 6th district, $61,280

Richard A. Northcutt, Substitute Trustee TO Michael T. Catalano et ux, Building & 0.9 acre on Jim Cumming Hwy., 5th district, $101,000

Shellie Wallace, Substitute Trustee TO Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, House & 1.160 acres more or less on Pleasant View Road, 5th district, $178.551.89