Cannon County Government Sticking To Budget

At the three-quarter mark of the current fiscal year, figures show that Cannon County Government is staying within its budget for the most part.

Fiscal year 2011-2012 ends in June 30. As of March 31, or through three-fourths of the budget year, 78.4 percent of the General Fund Budget had been spent.

Only one entity has gone over budget for the year. The County Commission has spent almost $1,000 more than its budgeted $4,306. Most of the additional spending has been for advertising since the commission began holding monthly meetings, and for legal fees.

The County Executive’s Office has spent 71.0 percent of its budget, the Election Commission 68.9 percent, Register of Deeds 72.5 percent, Property Assessor’s Office 72.7 percent, County Trustee’s Office 68.4 percent, Circuit Court 74.1 percent, General Sessions Court 73.4 percent, Chancery Court 70.0 percent, Juvenile Court 75.6 percent, Judicial Commissioners 74.2 percent, Sheriff’s Department 72.2 percent, Jail 70.0 percent and Ambulance/Emergency Medical Services 77.7 percent.

The entire budget for two lines items, Senior Citizens Assistance ($83,740) and Other Community and Economic Development ($19,462), has already been spent for the year. Senior Citizens is no longer a part of the county’s budget. 

The Rescue Squad has spent 96.2 percent of its budget allotment, Other Public Safety (Homeland Security) 97.8 percent, Other Charges (insurance, workman’s compensation) 90.8 percent and Contributions To Other Agencies 90.3 percent.

The total estimated General Fund Budget for the fiscal year is $5,792,353.