Burnett Leaving As Woodbury Police Chief

Burnett Leaving As Woodbury Police Chief

Woodbury Police Chief Tony Burnett is leaving the position next month to work for the Governor's Highway Safety Office.

Woodbury Police Chief Tony Burnett made official this morning what has been rumored about town for the last few weeks.

Chief Burnett submitted his resignation to Woodbury Mayor Harold Patrick at City Hall.

The chief was offered and has accepted a position as a Law Enforcement Liaison with the Governor’s Highway Safety Office.

His last official day as chief will be March 15.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the Town of Woodbury for the opportunity of being Chief of Police for the last seven years. This town has been very gracious and supportive of me during this time and I am most thankful for the opportunity to serve as Chief,” Burnett said in the letter to Mayor Patrick.

Mayor Patrick said Chief Burnett, who he has known for most of the chief’s life and who also worked as an EMT and a Cannon County deputy before joining the police department, has served the Town of Woodbury well.

“Tony has been an excellent chief of police. He has brought a lot of honesty and integrity to the position and has upgraded our department and staff,” Mayor Patrick said.

“He has also been very active and successful in getting grants and he has the respect of all the employees of the police department. I wish him well and hate to see him go,” the mayor added.