'Big Payback' a success

Thanks to the generosity of Middle Tennessee donors and the hard work of participating nonprofits, The Big Payback 2016 remained a big success despite debilitating nationwide technical difficulties. The third annual giving day on May 3 has brought in more than $2.61 million thus far from 11,270 gifts, nearly matching last year's record $2.64 million total despite the giving website being operational for only nine hours. " If you ever doubted what good can occur when we come together to make things happen, remember this giving day," said Ellen Lehman, president of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, in a news briefing today at the organization's Green Hills office. " Congratulations to the 770 local nonprofits participating," Lehman continued. " I know how hard you all worked to make the day such a success. And congratulations to all who will benefit from the services offered by these nonprofits, which make this the place we