Big Burglary: Family Suffers Over $30,000 Loss

New residents of Cannon County may be regretting their move here following a recent break-in and burglary which resulted in a rather large loss of property.

Douglas Frazier, 595 Simpson Rd., Bradyvlle, contacted the Cannon County Sheriff's Department on July 16 to report a break in that had already occurred.

Deputy Tommy Barker was dispatched to the residence, and he learned from Frazier that when he arrived home at 6:40 p.m. that day he noticed that the front door of his residence had been kicked in and several items were missing. He said his wife and son were in South Carolina due to a family illness and he has been the only person staying at the home.

Frazier said his family moved into the residence from Sevierville, TN earlier this month. He said he did not know anyone in the area or anyone who would have broken into his house.

Deputy Barker took several pictures of the broken door and the areas from which items were taken. He was unable to lift any prints off of doors or cabinets.

Total value of the items taken is estimated to be $33,000. The items included guns, knives, computers, diamond rings, and various electronic equipment.