Beer Board Lights Up The Scoreboard

The beer board for the city of Woodbury met in regular session on Tuesday October 6, 2009 at City Hall. Those present were: Joann Davis, Clayton Cason, Dottie Duggin, Lois Larimer, Fay Northcutt Knox and Mayor Harold Patrick. Charlie Harrell was not present at the Beer Board Meeting.

The only business before the board was the request for a license to sell beer from Mike and Tracey Kerwin, who are opening a steak and seafood restaurant called The Scoreboard at 114 West Main Street, the former location of Ms. Terry’s Kitchen.

Mr. Kerwin got up to explain what they will be doing with their business. Their hours will be from 10:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night, six days a week. On Sunday they will be open for Brunch for the “church crowd,” for approximately 4 hours.

Beside seafood and steak they will be serving the usual fare of hamburgers and sandwiches. They will also serve beer with the meal.

The beer board approved their application and wished them luck. The distance restrictions are not keeping them from having their beer license and the TBI background checked came back without any records.

Mr. Kerwin believes they will be open their restaurant in about four weeks.