1.4M have cast votes

Tennessee’s early voting period concluded on Thursday with the highest single-day turnout of the year.  Over 134,000 voters cast their ballots across the state yesterday, the 14 and final day of in-person early voting for the November 6 election. 

 The overall total of 1,456,824 voters represents the second-highest early voting turnout in Tennessee history, having exceeded the 2004 November election by more than a quarter million votes.

 “I am extremely pleased with the success of early voting for this important election,” said Secretary of State Tre Hargett.  “County election officials are now finalizing preparations for Election Day, and I encourage all eligible voters who have not cast their ballots yet to take advantage of the opportunity to exercise their right to vote on Tuesday.”

 Out of the over 1.45 million votes cast, counties have reported only 188 provisional ballots cast as a result of voters appearing without photo ID, and 54 have already returned with a valid photo ID in order to ensure their ballots will be counted.