‘Working Together’ Is Best Solution


I am a democrat and I do not apologize for that fact. I did take offense to the statements by Mr. Matt Studd referring to democrats as living in rebellion of God and passing legislation in rebellion of God.

Do you honestly believe God doesn’t want health care available for everyone without the Health Insurance Companies setting the rules as to who qualifies?

Mr. Studd at the end of the day, when our lives come to an end we will all be judged for how we have lived, but it won’t be by you.

I listen to both sides, republicans and democrats and even the ramblings of the tea party.

The only message that comes through loud and clear is the goal of the republicans to defeat any ideas the democrats present and make sure President Obama is a one term president.

I do not hear any plans on the republican agenda regarding improving the economy, revisiting NAFTA and bringing jobs back to America, dealing with the greed within Corporate America which led to bail-outs, ending the wars and bringing our service men and women home plus numerous issues our leaders should be working together to solve.

The key words are  “WORKING TOGETHER”, solve the problems, name calling and placing the blame will not get the job done.  The American People vote and send politicians to Washington to work together in our best interest and we deserve you best efforts to keep American strong.

Carolyn Motley
Cannon County Resident