‘Liquid Fire’ Burns Home Intruder

A homeowner used a brand of drain opener to stop a man who was trying to break into his home Monday afternoon.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Neal was dispatched to 911 Auburntown Road for a report of a home invasion on April 18. Upon arrival he spoke with Paul Walker, who stated that a man who was lying in the driveway was the person who was trying to break into his home.

Walker said he was in the bathroom when he heard what sounded to him noises which he thought was someone first pulling on his front door and then shortly thereafter his back door. Walker said both doors were locked at the time.

Walker said he waited in the bathroom for a minute to see what was going on because someone had broken into his residence the previous week and went through various objects throughout the house.

Walker said he next heard a noise coming from the kitchen and came out of the bathroom and saw a man halfway inside one of his kitchen windows. Walker said he threw Liquid Fire (drain line opener) on the intruder’s face and that he went back out the window. Walker said he then called 911 and ran outside to see where the man went and found him on the ground just outside the house.

Deputy Neal went to talk to the person on the ground, who stated the man (Walker) in the house threw something in his face. Deputy Neal asked the person his name, and he stated it was Jody Fleeman and he was living at 821 Auburntown Rd. Deputy Neal asked Fleeman what he was doing at the residence and Fleeman said he was going to break into the residence and also “steal stuff.”

Cannon County Emergency Medical Services was called to the scene to treat Fleeman for burns to the face and eyes. He was transported by EMS to the Stones River Hospital E/R and then taken by helicopter to a Nashville hospital.

Fleeman stated he was driving a four-wheeler that was behind the barn of the Walker residence. Deputy Neal went to 821 Auburntown Rd. and spoke with Jeremich Cater, who said the four-wheeler belonged to him and he wanted it back. Sheriff Darrell Young advised Cater the vehicle would be held by the sheriff’s department until he provided proof it was his.

Upon his release from the hospital, Fleeman will be charged with aggravated burglary.