$2.5M in warranty deeds issued

Register of Deeds Debbie Morris recorded twenty-nine warranty deeds for the month of December. A total of $2,574,653.50 was sold.

Nationwide Trustee Services, Inc.,  Substitute Trustee to Federal National Mortgage Association, house and 3 acres on Sugar Tree Knob Road, $90,400.00.

Pinnacle Bank to LOC Distribution Inc., 1.11 acres on Osement Road, $8,662.50.

First National Bank to Dustin L. Nichols, house and 2.65 acres on Charlie Powell Road, $73,000.00.

Don Harris to Terry L. Robinson, et ux, house and 35 acres on Bradyville Road, $27,750.00.

Roger D. Patterson et ux to Ralph Schmitz, et ux, house and 4.76 acres off Iconium Road, $292,500.

Gina N. Reed to Pallie Weaver, et al, house and lot on Parker Drive, $119,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Drew Weems, et ux, house and lot #8, Indian Springs, Ph IV, $35,556.

U.S. Bank, National Association, Trustee to Joshua D. Sadler, house and lot #5, Indian Springs, Ph. IV, $99,000.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Devin Wayne Merriman, house and 2.013 acres off Powell Road, $148,900.

Fannie Mae to William Lee Evans, house and lot on Terrace Lane, $96,900.

Virginia Mitchell Young, et al, to Earl Wayne Hancock, 11.52 acres on Hill Creek Road, $50,000.

Wilson & Associates, PLLC, Substitute Trustee to JP Morgan Chase Bank, house and 1.22 acres on Pleasant View Road, $125,800.

Larry Joe Harris, et al to Tamara Dillon, house and lot #2, Sec. 5, Forrest Park Subdivision, $65,500.

Maria Zaragoza, et vir to Edwin Wayne Smith, et ux, house and .50 acre off Doolittle Road on Armstrong Lane, $90,000.

Elmus Tenpenny to Arron Eads, lots #2 and #9, HIdden Valley Estates, Sec. II, $17,500.

Kenneth R. Wilson, et ux to Amanda J. Flagg, et vir, house and 15 acres on Tolbert Hollow Road, $246,000.

William H. Bryson, Clerk & Master to Richard A. Northcutt Revocable Living Trust, house and lot on Old U.S. Hwy. 70S, $25,500.

Kimberly Jean Kilpatrick, Executrix to John D. Sadler, et ux, 5.04 acres on Hollow Springs Road, $20,412.

Kimberly Jean Kilpatrick Executrix, to Mary Spry, 5.02 acres on Hollow Springs Road, $20,331.

Kimberly Jean Kilpatrick, Executrix to The Lester Family Partnership, house and 11.44 acres on Hollow Springs Road, $97,001.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Clinton Reed, et ux, house and lot #5, Valley View Subdivision, $170,000.

Nationwide Trustee Services Inc., Substitute Trustee to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, house and 1.31 acres on K. Parker Road, $74,235.

Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP, Substitute Trustee to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., house and lot #5, Bill Williams Subdivision, $46,206.

Sandra Lee Gilley to Robert Wade Davenport, et ux, 69.5 acres, on Woodbury-Auburntown Road, $25,000.

First National Bank to George R. Forst et ux, building and 3 tracts on the East side of the Public Square, $80,500.

Susan Norvell to Ivan Garcia, house and 5.28 acres on Tassey Road, $60,000.

Beverly Lassiter to SIYA 0718 Inc., building and 0.75 acre on Jim Cummings Hwy., $225,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven R. Wimberly, house and lot #5, Smith Subdivision, $75,000.

Thelma Moss Bernal Heirs to Michael Insell, et ux, 2.490 acres on Locke Creek Road, $66,000.

Definition of words

et ux - and wife

et vir - and husband

et al - and others