Woodbury Planners Recommend Parking Standards

KEITH READY, Courier Contributor

Two recommendations will be made to the City of Woodbury from the Woodbury Planning Commission as a result of Tuesday night's regular monthly meeting.

The Planning Commission passed a motion to recommend the city adopt a proposed zoning ordinance amendment that will eliminate the R-2 Residential Setback Requirements in a C-3 Zoning District.

Woodbury Planner Shannon Copas pointed out that there are currently no specific parking standards for residential uses. Mr. Copas recommended the Commission make a recommendation to the city to adopt some parking standards as outlined by the American Planning Association. The motion was made and passed.

A resident of Beaver Dam Estates reported that some people in the subdivision have been concerned about the number of vehicles and a boat the resident owns. Her neighbors have approached her and alleged that housing restrictions were in place and would not allow the boat to stay parked where it was.

Woodbury Mayor Harold Patrick read the ordinance, the Woodbury Police Department did some investigation, as did the State Planner, and found no violations of the ordinance.

Recreational vehicles are to be parked in carports or in enclosed buildings or behind the nearest building. The boat in question is parked behind the house.

In other business, one plat for review consisted of a two-lot plat in the Lester Subdivision. The owners want to make one of the plats a little smaller and the other a little bigger. Planner Copas will review the plat and then return it to the commission for Commission member Dottie Duggin to sign off on once approved.