Woodbury passes dog at large law

By TONY STINNETTĀ Courier Sports Editor

Woodbury residents who do not keep their dogs in a fenced or suitable area will be fined a daily fee.

The Woodbury Mayor and Board of Aldermen passed ordinance 457 on second and final reading during its regular monthly meeting Tuesday (Oct. 8). The ordinance regulates that citizens must keep their dogs within a fenced area or pen with satisfactory shelter.

Those fined for violation of ordinance 457 will have to pay a fine of $50 per day until the situation is rectified.

On an otherwise light agenda, another ordinance up for adoption was tabled until the November meeting. The ordinance is to establish policy for use of city vehicles, including take home authority.

Original wording in the proposed ordinance, which passed on first reading, dealt with non-city employees in city vehicle during city business. Questions also were raised about children and family members riding in city vehicles during various parades.

The next meeting of the Woodbury Mayor of Board and Aldermen will be Nov. 5 at City Hall.