Woodbury Can't Help With Drainage Issue: Mayor

KEVIN HALPERN, Courier Co-Editor

Residents living along Greenbrier and Laurel Streets who recently came before the Woodbury Board of Mayor and Alderman seeking help with a drainage issue found out Tuesday night they will have to turn elsewhere for assistance.

Woodbury Mayor Harold Patrick said the land which the gulley runs through is owned by the State of Tennessee, and the town does not have the right or authority to install a drainage pipe or do any other work which might alleviate the problem.

At its September meeting, resident Steve Nixon had addressed the board regarding a problem with the gulley that runs between Laurel and Greenbrier. Nixon reported that during heavy rains or flooding, debris such as syringes, needles, and broken glass was carried into resident’s back yards due to the gulley not being able to carry the water which comes from a tile that runs under South McCrary Street.

"I have discussed the matter with two engineering firms and with MTAS (Municipal Technical Advisory Service) and all of them said if you don't own it, don't do anything," Mayor Patrick said. "I feel for the residents but considering it is not town property there is not much we can do."

Nixon indicated that he was afraid to allow his children to play in the backyard.  He also presented a bucket that contained debris that he has picked up in his yard following heavy rains.

Patrick said he will advise residents they can contact the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the state agency which has oversight of the property, to see if it can and will provide a solution to the problem. He said he would provide them with the contact information.

In other business Tuesday the board:

• Adopted on first reading Ordinance No. 434, an ordinance amending the street acceptance and construction standard code for the Town of Woodbury by adding a Section 16-407 (Procedure for street acceptance by the Public Works Director.)

• Adopted on first reading Ordinance No. 435 , an ordinance amending the street acceptance and construction standard code for the Town of Woodbury by changing Section 16-406.  

• Gave special recognition to William H. Bryson, who recently retired after serving as city attorney for 43 years. Bryson left to take the position of Cannon County Clerk & Master.

• Gave approval to the request of Taylor Blanton, a HOSA student at Cannon County High School, to conduct a road block on Main Street on Nov. 13 to raise money for the purpose of attending state and national conventions. Blanton is running for HOSA Vice President of Middle Tennessee.

• Mayor Patrick reported that the town received an "excellent" audit report this year and commended City Recorder Charlene Odom for her work in keeping the town's money accounted for.