Women Plead Guilty To Meth-Make Charges

Three women pled guilty to promotion of the manufacture of methamphetamine on Thursday in Cannon County Circuit Court.

Twila K. Lack and Michelle L. Pyron (Alexander) each received 2 year partially suspended sentences and were placed on 2 years state supervised probation. They were also fined $2,000, assessed court costs, and must attend drug treatment.

They were arrested and charged on June 25 Woodbury Police Patrolman John Fesmire following a traffic stop on Lester St. A number of items used and/or intended to be used in the promotion of methamphetamine were found in the vehicle, along with a small amount of the finished product.

Following their convictions, Lack and Pyron were released on time served.

In another case, Shelia Rains pled guilty to initiation of the process to manufacture methamphetamine.

Rains received a suspended 10 year sentence as a standard Range 1, 30 percent offender and was placed on state probation for 10 years. She was fined $2,000, assessed court costs, must ordered to serve 200 hours of community service and attend a drug treatment program for one year.

Cannon County Sheriff’s Sgt. Randy Neal discovered a meth lab Rains and another person were operating while he was searching for a missing person on May 22.