Woman Wanted For VOP Charged Again

Magnolia Chivon Stephens, 5688 Dickens Hill Rd., Bradyville, was charged with possession of Scheduled II drugs, possession of Schedule IV drugs and driving on a suspended license by Cannon County Sheriff’s Deputy Tommy Barker.

Deputy Barker received word from Investigator Anthony Young on April 2 that he (Young) was behind a vehicle which was being driven by Magnolia Stephens, who was wanted for violation of probation. Investigator Young initiated a traffic stop of the car Stephens was driving as Deputy Barker arrived at the location.

Deputy Barker approached the vehicle and asked Stephens to exit. A radio call to Cannon County Dispatch confirmed Stephens did have an active warrant for her arrest, and also that her license was suspended. Deputy Barker placed Stephens in handcuffs and placed her in his patrol unit.

Investigator Young, after receiving consent, searched Stephens’ vehicle and found a small baggie containing two Diazepam tablets and one Hydrocodone table. During the search of Stephens’ purse a medical grade syringe containing a clear liquid was found.

Stephens was booked under a total bond of $29,500. Initial court date is May 3.