Woman reports wheelchair stolen

Following are recent incident reports filed by officers with the Cannon County Sheriff's Department. Any persons named as alleged suspects in the reports are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

• On April 11, Deputy Blayde Baker was dispatched to the residence of 460 Manustown Road to take a report for a stolen wheelchair. "Upon arrival I spoke with a Mrs. Estelle Lewis who stated that she had a wheelchair in the back of her vehicle that morning and that she had just realized it was missing. Mrs. Lewis stated that she had been to the doctor's office in Murfreesboro to Dr. Helton's office at around 9:30 a.m. and that she had visited the Dollar General Market on Jim Cummings Highway at around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. and that she was unsure of where it was taken. She did not have the paperwork or the wheelchair at this time and I advised her to bring it to the Sheriffs Department when she got it and I would do the report."

Edwards provided the information during a subsequent visit. The wheelchair is Silver Sports black and silver wheelchair and valued at $400.

• On May 5, Sergeant Chip Avera was dispatched to 310 Jill Lane for an accident report of a vehicle backing into another vehicle. "Prior to my arrival I was advised the parties involved were fighting or arguing. Upon arrival I spoke to Ingrid Walker, Bethany Gunter, Alex Davenport, Dalton Bell, Brian Duggin, Chase Gunter, and Kenneth Walker. It was determined Bethany Gunter's Nissan Altima was parked partially in the roadway of Jill Lane at 307 Jill Lane and Ingrid Walker was backing out of her driveway at 310 Jill Lane in a Nissan van and backed in to the rear end of Bethany's car causing functional damage to the rear bumpers of both vehicles.

"Witnesses at 307 Jill Lane stated Chase Gunter was hit in the left side of the head by Kenneth Walker with an open hand. Ingrid Walker stated she was pushed in the chest by Chase Gunter. Advice was given to all parties involved in reference to speaking to a warrant commissioner for misdemeanor assault charges. Advice was given to the parties at 307 Jill Lane about parking any vehicles in or partially in the road way. This report was also made for an accident report for insurance purposes. I did take photographs of the vehicles and Chase Gunter's head."

• On 03-26-2019, Deputy Zach Smith was dispatched to 2411 Doolittle Rd. to take a report for theft.

"Once on scene I spoke with Jeff Philhower who stated that he had been away for a few days and that his sheds had been broken into and the locks had been cut. I observed that both locks to the shed had appeared to have been cut. Mr. Philhower stated that he had noticed two chainsaws missing from the shed, but had not looked for anything else missing. I asked Mr. Philhower to make a list of all the stolen property once he had gone through the sheds and bring the list to the Sheriff's Office. Mr. Philhower stated that he would do so, and I left the scene.

"On April 1, Mr. Philhower brought a list of all missing items down to the Sheriff's Dept to be added to the report. Total value of the stolen property is estimated to be around $1,800.

On 4-5-19, Deputy Blayde Baker was dispatched to the residence of 2411 Doolittle Rd. for a complainant wanting to report a stolen four-wheeler.

"Upon arrival I made contact with a Mr. Jeffery Philhower who stated his four-wheeler was sitting behind his residence in the yard the day before. He stated that he was at the residence the day before cleaning up and working on the house because he was about to sell the property and that the four-wheeler was there. Upon his return the following morning he noticed it was gone and called for the report.

"Mr. Philhower stated that he had trail cameras up on the property due to recent thefts. Mr. Philhower pulled the memory cards and we looked through the pictures not seeing anything out of the ordinary and no pictures of the four-wheeler being taken I took the report and went back to regular patrol. \

"Later on in the morning Mr. Philhower came to the Sheriff's Department and asked to speak with me. Upon speaking with Mr. Philhower he stated he looked back on the camera's memory cards and noticed two people that were not his family members appearing to take items sitting by his buildings next to his residence.

"Upon viewing the photographs he identified the two people as a Mr. Christopher Brian Davis and a Mrs. Elizabeth Brooke Adamson. The time stamp on the pictures were from April 2nd 2019 a few days before the four-wheeler had been taken. It appeared that they had taken a set of metal trailer ramps, a small gas jug and a couple of other items that can't be determined by the pictures.

"I called for a Judicial Commissioner to come to the Sheriff's Department to sign warrants for Theft Under 1000 and Aggravated Criminal Trespassing. The Judicial Commissioner did sign off on these charges. Christopher Davis and Elizabeth Adamson are not in custody at this time and the theft of the four-wheeler is still under investigation."

• On April 2, Deputy Blayde Baker was dispatched to the Sheriff's Departrnent for a woman in the lobby needing to make a report for stolen property.

"Upon arrival I made contact with a Mrs. Caroline Jernigan who stated that she had a rototiller stolen from her daughter's house at 724 Charlie Lewis Road. She stated her daughter was at home and the sister of a friend of hers that was staying at the residence came to the house and was talking to her a Mrs. Shelby Wallace. Mrs. Jernigan stated that while Mrs. Wallace was speaking to her daughter, a Mrs. Whitteny Swearington, that two individuals possibly took the rotatiller out of a building behind the property without her knowledge.

"The subjects she stated that possibly took the rototiller are a Mr. Anthony Dalton and a Mr. Payton Dalton and that they possibly live in Manchester. Mrs. Jernigan was asked if her daughter saw the individuals take the tiller and she stated that she did not but was positive that it was them.

Mrs. Jernigan also stated that the rototiller's value was around 600.00 and that it was in the garage the day before they came to the residence and it was gone the day after.

• On April 5, Sgt. Chip Avera spoke with Alicia Ortiz on several occasions in reference to a stolen gun that belongs to her.

"At approximately 2353 she was able to provide me the accurate information on the gun. Serial number is HKK6201. It is a Smith & Wesson M&P 9c 9MM with a 3.5 inch barrel black in color valued at $500.00. Ms. Ortiz wanted it noted she has an order of protection against her husband and he no longer lives with her and she's concerned he may have the gun. He is also believed to be a convicted felon."

• On April 14, Deputy Danny Davis was dispatched to 7014 McMinnville Highway to take a report for an apparent break-in.

"Upon arrival I met with Reserve Deputy Grady George. He explained that this was his father's house, but he had passed some months back, and the house was left to him and his siblings. He told me that there was a padlock on the door that kept it locked, and that it was cut loose.

"Upon entry to the home, I noticed the cut padlock on the floor directly inside the doorway. I continued through the house with Mr. George, and there were signs that someone had went through basically everything in the bottom floor of the house: drawers, cabinets, dressers, etc.

"We went upstairs, and nothing appeared out of place or moved. I asked Mr. George if there was any specific items that he knew was missing, but the place was such a mess he couldn't tell me much. He informed me that his sister was going to come over later and go through the things to see if anything was missing. I informed Mr. George to get a list of things written down (if there was anything missing) and bring it to the sheriff's department at a later time, so it could be added to the report."