Witch & Wizard Wedding Story

Witch & Wizard Wedding Story


October 31, 2011 was not just the day my husband I joined hands together in marital matrimony. It was an important day to all Pagans.

The newspaper showed up unexpectedly and yes I agreed to tell the truth about my religion. My husband I are Pagans and we are proud. Brian is a High Priest ordained by our church. I am a High Priestess also ordained by our church. He has been a Pagan since the age of seven years old and myself since the ending of the 90's.

To se the record straight first and foremost, we "Pagans" are all around. We are doctors, lawyers, janitors, waitresses, school teachers, clerks, etc. We war our Pentagram not to offend or to put fear in anyone. It is our religious symbol just a cross is a religious symbol to a Christian. It is a sign which represents the elements of nature. Each point or tip represents fire, water, earth, air and spirit. That is why we wear it.

We are firm believers to "harm none." We don't judge a person for any reason and simply ask for the same respect. We are friendly, courteous and polite. We don't preach our religion or even talk about it unless asked. Not because we are ashamed, but simply out of respect for others.

I realized recently that even here locally there are more Pagans than even we realized. If enough Pagans come forward, we are even considering joining together in opening our covenant; in other words, church.

As of this weekend we have rented a booth at the flea market right here in Woodbury. Our booth number is 306. As of next weekend we will be carrying new age items, Pagan items, etc. As ordained High Priest and High Priestess we can offer services such as healing rituals, handfastings, etc. We are currently in the process of filing for Notary of Republic Services so all documents can be notarized by us as well. We encourage and welcome everyone and anyone to drop by even to say "Hi" or Merry Meet.

Yours Truly,

Witch & Wizard of Woodbury

Love & Light

Blessed Be )0(