Why You Should Vote Democrat


On the front page of last week's Courier, Matt Studd claims that Democrats are "in full rebellion against God almighty." On behalf of godly Democrats in Cannon County and across the land, I object to that statement. Because the article doesn't say how Studd arrived at such a wild opinion, I go for more detail to James Hill's letter to the editor (page 4):  

Apparently, Republicans are upset about the economic stimulus package. But we can all thank the Democrats for practicing good economics and moderating the effects of the Great Recession which, by the way, was caused by a Republican president.  

Republicans seem to get upset over clean energy legislation. But if we don't replace our fossil fuels with clean energy, this planet will soon become unfit for life of any kind. We can best trust the Democrats to heed science and to stop pollution.  

Republicans seem to be against family planning and abortion. But family planning becomes increasingly important as the world gets more crowded. Also, with all due respect to Corey Davenport (page 10), abortion is not murder, because a zygote is not a person. We can thank Democrats for upholding Roe v. Wade and the right to privacy.  

Republicans seem to be against health care legislation. The Democrats alone are willing to stand against the inhumanity of our heartless, greedy insurance giants.  

Republicans seem to be against taxation. They should, then, applaud the Democrats, who have consistently cut taxes for the middle class in the last two years.  

Republicans seem to disapprove of equality for homosexuals. We can thank Democrats for upholding the rights of minorities.  

Republicans seem to be against disclosure. We can thank this Democratic administration for its openness, in contrast to the disastrously secretive Republican administration before it.  

Republicans seem to get upset over the regulation of corporations. In fact, it was mostly the Republicans who rolled back the regulations which would have prevented the Great Recession. We need to regulate the financial industry to avoid further trouble, and we can thank the Democrats for recognizing that need.  

Republicans, clinging to the failed trickle-down theory, seem to favor tax cuts for the rich. Under prior Republican administrations, the rich got richer and the middle class got poorer. We can thank Democrats for increasing taxes on the rich in order to decrease taxes on the middle class. The federal estate tax (the so-called "death tax") applies only to multi-millionaires. Unless you're a multi-millionaire, your estate is not subject to the tax.  

The Democrats aren't perfect, but neither are the Republicans. All told, it seems to me that the Democrats are smarter and - with all due respect to Matt Studd - godlier. It all boils down to this: If you want a heartless government that shoots from the gut, starts unjust wars, gives your money to rich corporations, rolls back your rights, and destroys the planet, vote Republican. If you want a compassionate government that values reason and science, gets us out of Iraq, cuts taxes for the middle class, upholds your rights, and saves the planet, vote Democrat.  

Kyle Williams