West Side Kindergarten Classes Tour The Town

West Side Kindergarten Classes Tour The Town

Mrs. Rita and Mr. Duncan's Kindergarten classes at West Side School recently went on an adventure around Woodbury. The students stopped at several businesses around town to learn about jobs and ask lots of questions.

Their first stop was at First Bank where Mrs. Mindy Gunter talked to the students about the banking business.  She gave them a tour of the bank, talked to them about her job and gave everyone a pencil. 

The next stop was at Stones River Hospital. Ms. Wendy gave a tour of the hospital and explained the different areas of the hospital. Students were given a gift bag and were treated to delicious cookies and milk provided by Ms. Jean McCrary, Dietician.

Next they stopped at the Woodbury Nursing Home to wave to the residents. They also sang Happy Birthday to Ms. Whyte Holt who was celebrating her 100th birthday.

The students then went to Woodbury Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Lance talked to them about her job and she even allowed them to see the operating room. She provided the students with a goody bag.

After lunch the group went to the Cannon County High School Horticulture Department where Mr. Courtney Nichols talked to the students about plants and gave each student a plant to take home. Mr. Nichols’ high school students helped each kindergarten student make a wheat buddie pet.

Next stop was Terri and Randy Wimberly's home to see their horse barn and horses. Mr. Wimberly showed the students how to care for and saddle a horse. Mrs. Wimberly had refreshments for the students.

Last stop of the day was at Julie and Anthony Adams Home for a little playtime. Mrs. Adams treated everyone to ice cream sundaes and banana splits.

A big "Thank You" to everyone for making our field trip around Woodbury so much fun.