'We Came Back For The Bullets To Blow Your Head Off'

One Woodbury women has filed charges of aggravated assault against another following an altercation which allegedly took place on Sept. 16.

Tasha Spurlock, 323 Hayes St., Woodbury, took out a warrant against Woodbury resident Janet Marren.

Spurlock's complaint reads:

"On Sept. 16, 2010, Janet Marren came to my residence at 323 Hayes St. (Woodbury) and came inside and began bad mouthing me. I told her to leave and went outside and Marren hit me and I slapped her drink out of her hand and again told her to leave which she did.

"Marren returned a few minutes later and yelled out the car window 'we came back for the bullets to blow your head off.'

"I went to the car and pointed my finger at her and told her to leave, when Marren bit a chunk out of my hand and stated, "I have hepatitis ha ha" and then left."

Marren was served the warrant by Cannon County Sheriff's Deputy Steve McMillen. Bond was set at $10,000. Her initial court appearance is set for Sept. 28.