WDS Tells Kids To Go Fly A Kite — And They Do!

WDS Tells Kids To Go Fly A Kite — And They Do!

Nancy Caroline Thomas has a little trouble getting her kite off the ground.
The school year at Woodbury Day School is filled with a variety of exciting activities for the students. Tuesday brought Kite Day.

The kids enjoyed sunshine and warm temperatures has they sailed their kites into the bright blue skies over Woodbury.

From left: Gaige Turner, D.J. Moore, Braden Emberton, Mason Tramel and Bradley Moore

Mason Tramel

Bella Pelham

Daigon Jacobs

Brady Daugherty

Bradley Lane, left, and Carter Hancock

Foster Kemp, foreground, and in back Andrea Emberton, left, and Bella Pleham

D.J.Moore, Brady Daugherty, Maddie Reed, Alysia Pitts and Sawyer Parton

From left, D.J. Moore, Brady Daugherty, Allen Leach, Andrea Emberton and Sue Maxwell