Verizon To Collect Old Cell Phones During SAVE Fest

If you are attending SAVE Fest this Friday and Saturday, Verizon encourages you to bring any of your old cell phones, batteries, and chargers to the event.

A donation box will be set up and phones and accessories from any service provider and in any condition will be accepted.

All phones will be donated to Verizon's HopeLine Program, which refurbishes and sells phones. The refurbished phones are provided to local domestic violence organizations and/or local government and law enforcement agencies for use with their domestic violence clients. 3,000 minutes of service are also added to the refurbished phones.

All proceeds from the sold phones are donated to the HopeLine program. For more information on the HopeLine program visit or call your local Verizon store.
Verizon also connects callers directly to the National Domestic Violence Hotline when #HOPE (4673) on any Verizon phone is dialed. These calls are toll and airtime free.
For more information on SAVE Fest activities, call S.A.V.E. at 615-563-6690.