UPDATE: Parchcorn man faces drug charges

UPDATE: Parchcorn man faces drug charges | Jordan Scott Williams, drug arrest, Parchcorn

Investigator Brandon Gullet and Deputies Travis Turney and Jordan McGee.

A routine traffic stop resulted in a Parchcorn Road man being charged Thursday night (Feb. 14) with multiple drug charges by the Cannon County Sheriff’s Department.

 “It all started with a traffic stop,” said Investigator Brandon Gullet.

 Jordan Scott Williams was discovered asleep in his vehicle by Deputy Travis Turney.

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 When Turney ordered Williams out of his truck a clear, glassine envelope fell out containing what was believed to be methamphetamine. A subsequent search discovered a loaded pistol, more meth and a leafy, green material that appeared to be marijuana, Gullet said.

 “From that we gathered enough evidence for a search warrant,” Gullet said.

 When the warrant was executed at Williams’ home on Parchcorn Road, a large quantity of drugs was discovered, the investigator said. More than $20,000 in cash was seized.

 Williams faces 10 different charges include possession of marijuana and meth, possession of drugs for resale, felony possession of weapons, the investigator said.

 In addition to the cash, three trailers, two Honda four wheelers, five guns were also confiscated by the Sheriff’s Department along with burglary tools.

 Sheriff Darrell Young confiscated William’s Chevy Tahoe as well.

 Williams also faces drug charges in Florida as well as in Coffee County where he is also expected to answer resisting arrest charges.

 Also participating in the search were Deputies Jordan McGee and Andrea Damron.