UCHRA Announces Commodities Recertification

The Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency would like to remind those who receive assistance through the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program, known as Commodities; it is time for recertification of their commodities card.

With 2012 deliveries right around the corner, it is very important for recipients to recertify their commodity card with their local county offices prior to the first pick-up date.

Recertification date start January 3rd and will continue until January 13th.

If you think you or someone you know qualifies for this program, please contact the UCHRA office in your county for more information.

The UCHRA county telephone numbers are as follows:  Cannon County 615-563-2916, Clay County 931-243-3674, Cumberland County 931-456-0691, DeKalb County 615-597-4504, Fentress County 931-879-8040, Jackson County 931-268-9840, Macon County 615-666-3377, Overton County 931-823-7323, Pickett County 931-864-6540, Putnam County 931-528-1285, Smith County 615-735-0476, Van Buren County 931-946-7151 or 423-881-5669, Warren County 931-473-6652, and White County 931-738-6255.