Two Businesses Eye Auburntown

The Auburntown City Council met Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 6:00 PM for their regular monthly meeting.  Mayor Roger Turney and all city Councilpersons were present, namely, Frank Patrick, Rita Davis, Tina Fletcher, Beth Hancock and Winfred Gaither.

The City Recorder presented the minutes of the month of September for approval.  A short explanation was given for the addition of the total amount of funds on deposit for that month.  The minutes were then approved.

The City’s financial statement ending September 30th was passed out for comments and approval.  The Mayor reviewed the unusual deviations from previous months.  The report was than passed as presented. There was a total of $39,180.73 on Deposit

 The Mayor passed out a complete accounting of the finances for Red Apple Celebration held this past August.  The City almost ended the event in black with red ink being splashed on the books near $150.00. The Mayor enumerated the advantages of the event and thought the amount was very reasonable when compared to the benefits to the community.

Tina Fletcher was commended for her people skills and tireless efforts in putting in hours and even days into promoting and coordinating all the various activities necessary to make the event a success.  

The Mayor announced there were two businesses on the horizon that were in the process of locating or have the possibility of locating in this area of the county.  He was not yet sure enough to divulge names and other particulars at this time, maybe next month or maybe not at all.

The following students from CCH’S US Government class monitored this meeting: Haley Armstrong, Brian Duggin and Brent Duggin.

The meeting adjourned 6:25 PM

Winfred Gaither, City Recorder