Two Alleged Rapists Arrested On Sealed Indictments

The sealed indictments returned by the Cannon County Grand Jury on May 20 have been served and two men are in jail.

James C. Emberton and Christopher Bryan each stand charged with rape offenses and are both being held in lieu of $100,000 bond at the Cannon County Jail.

In Emberton’s case, he is charged with 8 counts of rape and 10 counts of sexual battery. Each are felonies which carry lengthy prison sentences.  

Former Cannon County Sheriff’s Detective Matt Goney investigated the crimes and presented the cases to the Grand Jury.

Bryan is charged with 5 counts of rape of a child. He is currently serving a sentence in the Cannon County Jail for another crime involving a child. That conviction is from Rutherford County.

Just like Emberton, Bryan faces serious prison time if convicted. Detective Anthony Young investigated the incidents and presented the case to the Grand Jury.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested both men this past week. They will appear before Circuit Court Judge Don Ash for arraignment on June 10th.