TTU Announces Local Students On Spring 2011 Dean’s List

COOKEVILLE — Tennessee Tech University is pleased to announce the names of its students included on the Dean’s List for Spring 2011.
Students earn the academic distinction by completing a full course load with a quality point average of 3.1 or better on the university’s 4.0 scale.

Dean's List

Bowman, Christopher J., Bradyville
Buck, Rosalind Nicole, Woodbury
Champion, Mark Edward, Woodbury
Gomar, Ruth Sabrina, Readyville
Lykins, Andrew Robert, Readyville
Mullen, John Samuel, Woodbury
Pack, Jessica Marie, Woodbury
Smith, Steven Michael, Woodbury

Graduation List

Buck, Rosalind Nicole, Woodbury
McAllister, Brenda Dianne, Woodbury