Traffic Stop By Detective Leads To Drug Charges


Traffic Stop By Detective Leads To Drug Charges


The Cannon County Sheriff's Department has taken an accused methamphetamine promoter off the streets following a traffic stop.

Detective Matt Goney was traveling on Highway 53 Saturday when he got behind a vehicle that was suspected in a burglary. After following the vehicle for several miles and observing that the driver was driving erratically, Goney initiated a traffic stop. Upon approaching the vehicle, he came into contact with the driver, Ashley Dawn Meeks, age 32 of Manchester.

After gaining consent to search Meeks' vehicle, Goney discovered marijuana and over an ounce of ephedrin which is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. Goney took Meeks into custody and charged her with simple possession of marijuana and promotion of the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Meeks is currently free on $102,500.00 bond and will appear before General Sessions Judge Susan Melton on November 9th.