Three Deputies Responded To Cave Accident: Sheriff

Letter To The Editor

On Tuesday, March 9, 2010 the Sheriff’s Department received a call at 2:11 P.M. of an accident on Conley Road, just off Cove Hill Road in Cannon County.

Deputies Randy Neal and Reed Bryson responded to the call. Deputy Neal was first at the scene and proceeded down Conley Road and was met by an individual who stated a man was injured in a cave at the foot of a bluff.

Deputy Neal proceeded down to the cave where he found the injured man. Neal carried the injured man a long distance until he was assisted by Todd Hollandsworth of the Cannon County Ambulance Service.

Deputy Bryson positioned his patrol unit at Conley Road (dead end) to keep on-lookers from congesting the road and to allow Ambulance and Rescue personnel responding to the accident access to the scene.

Deputy Eric Moss came on duty at 3:00 P.M. and responded to the scene to assist as the LifeFlight helicopter arrived to transport the injured man.

It was reported that no deputies from Sheriff’s Department were on the scene of the accident when in fact, three deputies responded and one carried the injured man out of the cave on his back. My officers do a good job protecting and serving the citizens of Cannon County and often times they do not get the credit they rightly deserve.