The Day After: Business As Usual At Election Office

TONY STINNETT, Courier Co-Editor

The Day After: Business As Usual At Election Office

Mary Lynn Bush was back at work today in her former position of Cannon County Administrator of Elections, which she will hold on an interim basis until after the November election.

Interim Administrator of Elections (AOE) Mary Lynn Bush was on the job today, the morning after being appointed by a 3-1 vote of the Cannon County Election Commission.

Early voting begins Friday.

Bush formerly served as AOE but was not reappointed in 2009. Her certification is not current; however, she may still serve in her current role.

If Bush opts to seek the permanent position following the November election then she would recertify.

Election Commission Chair Lindbergh Dennis and County Executive Mike Gannon were at the Election Commission Offices to take inventory this morning. Deputy Administrator Dorinda Mankin had quit her position during the Tuesday night meeting. Shirley Young volunteered to assist in the Election Commission Office but since she works for the County she was not allowed. 

As Bush made calls to the State of Tennessee to verify such questions it became known that several poll workers could not be utilized in the upcoming elections because they work for either the County or City of Woodbury.

Commissioner Sue Patrick was at the Election Commission Office volunteering today. As an election commissioner Patrick may volunteer but can't be paid. Commissioner Louise Mayo will volunteer in the office Friday. Patrick said the state office has said it will assist where needed.