Letter to the Editor

The Cannon County Senior Center and Board would like to thank everyone that donated to our Bucket Brigade on July 17th. We appreciate all from Woodbury and surounding counties that came through to give. All the proceeds raised will go to help with the cost of installing a new front door at the Center. We are so blessed to live in a county that will help our seniors. As a matter of fact we live in a fine county period that is willing to help with any needs that may arise. I am so thankful to be able to say that I live in this wonderful city.

Also a special thank you all of the volunteers that stood on the corners of College and Tatum Streets for our fundraiser. The Lord allowed us perfect weather for the day and many generous people to provide for our first phase of the entrance. Words really seem small in comparison to the appreciation we feel for each and every one of you. Connie will contact her lowest bidder and get the project started, so be sure to come by often to check on the progress. Again, the CCSC thanks everyone of you!!!!