Tax Dollars Pour Into County, Town From MTEMC

Middle Tennessee Electric’s 2011 tax payment was one of the largest in each of the primary counties it serves.

The electric cooperative pays out ad valorem (“according to the value of”) taxes annually. The tax is based on the assessed value of Middle Tennessee Electric’s infrastructure — buildings, substations, transformers, poles, lines.

The cooperative’s total ad valorem tax payout across its service area for 2011 was approximately $4.8 million.

MTEMC’s tax payment was Cannon County’s largest. The ad valorem tax total in the county was $218,371. Also, $20,582 was paid out to the city of Woodbury.

In Rutherford County, Middle Tennessee Electric was the second highest taxpayer, behind Nissan. Middle Tennessee Electric’s Rutherford County ad valorem payout was $1,486,855. In addition, a check for $240,665 was made out to Murfreesboro and Smyrna received $66,031.

MTEMC’s tax payment was Wilson County’s largest, just ahead of Nashville Superspeedway. MTEMC paid out $1,231,903 in total taxes to the county. In addition, tax payments were also made to Lebanon for $59,497 and to Watertown for $6,689.

In Williamson County, Middle Tennessee Electric was seventh on the list of the county’s top taxpayers, paying out $1,364,435. In addition, tax payments were made to the city of Brentwood for $12,831; Fairview received $10,367and $49,634 was paid to Franklin.